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Research Themes

Themes are high-level groupings of multi-disciplinary research topics that may have wide applications, but are unified by a common strategic direction within the overall objectives of LEME. Themes ensured the best integration of research capabilities and resources across all nodes of LEME. All themes provided a direct focus on stakeholder interests, and many of them bound the two principle applications of NRM and MINEX. They therefore focused the individual research projects, and enhanced the cohesion of LEME. Individual projects adopted by LEME must have addressed at least one of the nine themes.

The themes remained broadly similar to those adopted in the first year of LEME. However, in some areas they were re-scoped to reflect new opportunities, changing stakeholder focus and scientific advancements in the first three years.

Theme 1. Understanding regolith processes

Theme 2. Models of regolith-landscape Evolution

Theme 3. Acid and alkaline soils

Theme 4. Regional mineral exploration studies

Theme 5. Making geochemistry more effective

Theme 6. Geophysical mapping and modelling

Theme 7. Salinity systems in regolith and groundwater

Theme 8. Regolith geoscience and urban Australia

Theme 9. Environmental geochemistry and the regolith



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