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Program 1: Regolith Geoscience

Program Leader:
Ms Lisa Worrall, Geoscience Australia, Canberra

ph: 61 2 6249 9192
fax: 61 2 6249 9972

This program aimed to understand the nature and timing of regolith processes in both a detailed and regional context. It contributed strategic research in its own right, as well as forming the scientific foundation for other the mineral exploration and environmental projects. It sought to characterise and interpret regolith materials in different environments, develop landscape evolution models and address the structure and evolution of three-dimensional regolith models. In addition to a spread of regional focus projects, it looked at some generic processes such as dating regolith events and history of aridity, as well as geophysical technology developments.

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2007-2008 Program 1 Projects


  • Provide the minerals industry with world-leading capabilities leading to breakthroughs in exploration in Australia 's extensive areas of regolith cover
  • Provide essential multi-disciplinary knowledge of Australia 's regolith environments, to deliver this knowledge in readily useable forms, and ensure that it is transferred into practice in the minerals exploration industry and environmental management


  • Program Management and Communication Projects (internal management)
  • Regional Focus Projects
  • Generic Process Projects
  • Commercial Projects

Regional Focus Projects

These projects have been designed and developed in close collaboration with core parties and client groups - are multidisciplinary multiparty - characterise the regolith and regolith forming processes in 4 dimensions (space and time) - provide focus for generic process projects - incorporate transfer and training strategies - are delivering cost enhanced, predictive methods to generate meaningful exploration targets within and under regolith

Generic Process Projects

  • Geochronology - PL Brad Pillans
  • The formation of bauxite: macro and micro biotic influences on the solubility of alumina (Confidential Sponsored Project)

These projects focus on poorly understood regolith forming processes - analyse process mechanisms and controls on rates  

Commercial Projects

These projects use external funds to build fundamental datasets at a regional scale to support current and future regolith research in Australia -  ensure a lasting legacy for CRC LEME



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