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regolith geoscience

Resource Assessment and Coastal Management, Northern Agricultural Region of WA

Project Leader : Lindsay Collins, Curtin University of Technology

Start date and duration: 01/01/06 30/12/07

Participants : Curtin University of Technology, Conservation and Land Management WA (the major collaborator) and the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council

Brief project description :

The coastal zone of the Northern Agricultural Region of Western Australia contains wilderness regions, nature reserves, geological reserves, tourism nodes, resource exploration activities and minesites, estuaries and ports and harbours, and is controlled by a number of local authorities. An investment strategy being developed for the region requires, to be successful, the development of a regional GIS of the terrain which will include layers for access, tourism development, coastal landforms, land use , and conservation. Such a detailed analysis of the coastal zone will also provide opportunities for the assessment of coastal regolith evolution and the distribution of natural resources, such as mineral sands, salt and other commodities.

Deliverables (outputs) and expected impacts of research (outcomes):

This project is externally funded and driven by clients- CALM (the major collaborator) and the northern Agricultural Catchment Council. It will deliver a GIS designed to suit client needs and to serve as a decision support system for coastal management, including impact remediation, and external resources will be provided for this purpose. This will form the basis for the Agency expenditure plan.

The further benefit that will be provided by LEME researchers will be applied research focused on coastal and regolith evolution, chronology and resource distribution.


GIS segments and associated client reports will be generated quarterly. Publications will result from in tandem on ground investigations and geochronology results.



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