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Program 2: 
Mineral exploration in areas of cover

Program Leader:
Dr Ravi Anand, CSIRO Exploration & Mining, Perth

ph: 61 8 6436 8672
fax: 61 8 6436 8586

The aim of this Program was to provide new and improved tools for mineral exploration in areas of cover. This was achieved by understanding the chemical, mineralogical, biological and physical processes involved in metal mobility and the formation of geochemical anomalies. There was a special emphasis on depositional regolith regimes. It addressed generic processes at a range of scales involving micron-scale mineral hosts, calcrete genesis and interactions with microbes and the general biota. Field sites were centred on key styles of mineral deposits. It pursued technology developments in hydrogeochemistry, spectral logging and remote mineral mapping.


Program 2 Capability Statement

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2007-2008 Projects
- Program 2


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