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Education & Training

Program Leader - Dr Sara Beavis

From April 2008

The Fenner School of Environment & Society
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200

Tel: 02 6125 8138

Previous Program Leaders

Dr Ian Roach 2007-April 2008
Australian National University

Dr Steve Hill 2004-2006
University of Adelaide

Prof Pat James 2002-2003
University of Adelaide

Prof Graham Taylor 2002
University of Canberra


The Education and Training Program had three objectives:

  • To contribute to the research themes of LEME
  • To produce quality graduates trained in regolith geoscience
  • To deliver specialist training in regolith geoscience to scientists and practicing geoscience professionals

To achieve these objectives, LEME:

  • Granted scholarships and other forms of student support, through the Student Program
  • Provided industry-specific short courses for students and industry geoscientists under the Minerals Tertiary Education Council's MTEC Program.


Download the .pdf colour brochure [3MB]

LEME E&T Legacy products

The LEME Education and Training Program developed a number of legacy products to promote regolith education after the Centre closure. Development fell under the banner of the Regolith Teaching and Training Materials (RTTM) Project, Developed by previous Program Leader Dr Steve Hill and finalised by Dr Ian Roach.

Legacy materials include:

1. What is Regolith?

A brief PowerPoint presentation by Dr Ian Roach that introduces the basic concepts of regolith geoscience.

Download "What is Regolith? (1.8 Mb PDF)

2. Regolith Geology and Geochemistry Virtual Field Course

A virtual field course based at Wilsons Promontory National Park and Philip Island, Victoria, developed by Dr Ian Roach, Dr Steve Hill and Dr Mehrooz Aspandiar, with other guest lecturers, as part of LEME's MTEC commitment. Learn basic regolith terminology using real examples of regolith and landscape evolution along Australia's spectacular southern coastline and look at some natural regolith hazards along the way. You may need to allow pop-ups on your browser.

Now available (May 2008) for your use: Start course here

3. National Undergraduate Regolith Geology School (NURGS)

The National Undergraduate Regolith Geology School (NURGS) was developed as a "travelling school" visiting a number of sites around Australia by previous E&T Program Leader Prof Graham Taylor. In later years it morphed into an annual school held at the University of New South Wales' Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station north of Broken Hill, NSW, convened by previous program leaders Dr Steve Hill and Dr Ian Roach. NURGS attracted up to 100 students annually.

Download the NURGS notes here (31.6 Mb)

4. Fowlers Gap plant database

This database was developed by Dr Ian Roach as part of NURGS and other MTEC commitment undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities at Fowlers Gap. The database is intended for instruction in Australian arid zone plant recognition as an adjunct to regolith-landform mapping and mineral exploration education and training activities. The database was also used to inform LEME students about the wonderful facilities and landscape at Fowlers Gap and to distribute teaching materials, some of which remain on the site. You may need to allow pop-ups on your browser.

Visit the Fowlers Gap plant database here

5. Fowlers Gap Maps

Dr Steve Hill and Dr Ian Roach produced a series of instructional regolith-landform maps of Fowlers Gap for research and teaching purposes for NURGS and MTEC commitment Honours and postgraduate student courses. These maps are available for download here, or can be seen as part of the CRC LEME Digital Atlas of Regolith Maps. Regolith-landform maps include:

6. Publications

LEME E&T has produced a number of extended abstracts specifically regarding its teaching and training activities:

S.M. Hill: An undergraduate regolith-landform education and training program within the Shoalhaven River catchment, NSW.
S.M. Hill & I.C. Roach: The regolith-landforms of Sandstone Paddock, Fowlers Gap, western NSW.
P.R. James: Linking Research and Teaching in the Earth and Environmental Sciences through the CRC LEME Education and Training Program.
I.C. Roach: Three years of MTEC.
S.M. Hill, I.C. Roach & J.B. Field: A collaborative undergraduate field school for regolith geoscience at Fowlers Gap, western NSW: 2004 a regolith odyssey

LEME E&T also developed and convened a number of national regolith symposia to showcase the excellent research being conducted around Australia by LEME students and staff:

Regolith 2002: Regolith and Landscapes in Eastern Australia: Proceedings of the CRC LEME Regional Regolith Symposia 2002 - Edited by I.C. Roach
Regolith 2003: Advances in Regolith: Proceedings of the CRC LEME Regional Regolith Symposia 2003 - Edited by I.C. Roach
Regolith 2004: Proceedings of the CRC LEME Regional Regolith Symposia, November 2004 - Edited by I.C. Roach
Regolith 2005: Ten Years of CRC LEME. Proceedings of the CRC LEME Regional Regolith Symposia, November 2005 - Edited by I.C. Roach

Visit the Publications section to see more LEME publications including text books, monographs, maps, briefs and open file reports.

7. Environmental Mineralogy course notes

The Environmental Mineralogy course was developed by Prof Tony Eggleton at the Australian National University and was offered by LEME as part of its MTEC commitment. These notes are authoured principally by Prof Eggleton with additions from Dr Mehrooz Aspandiar of the Curtin University of Technology and Dr Ulrike Troitzsch of the Australian National University. The course is designed to introduce later-year tertiary students to regolith mineralogy using the X-Ray Diffraction technique and also includes components dealing with the chemistry of common environmental minerals occuring at the Earth's surface.

Download the Environmental Mineralogy notes here ( 3.7 Mb PDF)

8. LEME Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Interpretation Module

An interactive module by Geoscience Australia's John Wilford and Dr Brian Minty describing airborne gamma-ray spectrometry (AGRF) as applied to regolith studies, including 3D models of Australian examples where AGRF has been used to map regolith dryland salinity hazards.

Download the ZIP file using the link below and unzip it into a new directory on your hard disc. Follow the instructions in the README file. You need to install the free Blaxxun Contact software in order to view the 3D models.

Download the ZIP File (46.2 Mb, PC only)

9. "Undercover" interactive module

This module, edited by previous E&T Program Leader Dr Ian Roach, is part of the "Down To Earth" series of educational resources produced by the Minerals Council of Australia. It introduces regolith to year 6-12 students in a fun way, by asking them to design Australia's first spaceport in the regolith-dominated terrain which has a range of environmental hazards to deal with.

You need to have the Adobe Flash player installed. PC users unzip the module to a new directory on your hard disc and double-click the file "Undercover Authorware Runtime Macromedia Inc". Mac users expand the module your desktop and click the "Undercover" icon.

Download the PC-version of the module from: LEME Website; The MCA website (13.2 Mb)
Download the Mac-version of the module from: LEME Website; The MCA website (14.2 Mb)


The three 'LEME unversities' are:

The Australian National University, Canberra

The Curtin Unversity of Technology, Perth

The University of Adelaide


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