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Student Program

LEME provided funds, scientific supervision and institutional support for graduates undertaking BSc (Hons) and postgraduate research at MSc or PhD level. It provided funds for both scholarship assistance and operating costs, which were distributed on an equity basis to the three participating universities - Australian National University, The University of Adelaide and Curtin University of Technology.

These funds have now been expended in accordance with the LEME Commonwealth Agreement and LEME is on target to meet the agreed output of at least 60 PhDs and 60 Honours regolith geoscience graduates over the life of LEME.

Students already in the system will continue to receive support after the Centre's closure, via its collaborative infrastructure and Core Party universities, after 30 June 2008.

Student research topics relate closely to one of the core Research Programs. Each student project received dual supervision from a LEME researcher, and the host university.

The LEME Core Party Universities will continue to offer scholarships to geoscience students. A link to the Universities is provided via the logos at the bottom of the page

No new scholarships are on offer from LEME.

Postgraduate student program

Commencing in 2002, the postgraduate student programs's stated intention was to complete greater than 60 postgraduate students (MSc and PhD) within the life of LEME. In 2008, LEME had completed 50 postgraduates against a key performance indicator of 60, but many more were still in progress. Click here for a complete list of CRC LEME postgraduate students.

Undergraduate student program

Commencing on 2002, the undergraduate student program's stated intention was to graduate greater than 60 Honours students within the life of LEME. In 2008, LEME had graduated 116 Honours students against a key performance indicator of 60. Click here for a complete list of CRC LEME undergraduate students.

The undergraduate student program also included 2nd and 3rd year tertiary students at the three core participant universities, the Australian National University, the Curtin University of Technology and the University of Adelaide. Courses developed during LEME will continue to taught after the Centre's closure.

At ANU regolith science is taught to undergraduates at second and third year level:

  • Regolith and Hydrology.
  • Environmental Chemistry, including regolith-groundwater interactions.
  • Groundwater, including hydrogeology.
  • Environmental and Regolith Geoscience - the principal regolith course at the ANU (includes NURGS).

At CUT, regolith science components are taught in the second, third and fourth years of undergraduate training:

  • Second year Remote Sensing, including regolith, landforms, mapping.
  • Third year Regolith and Exploration Geochemistry, the principal regolith course at CUT which includes presentations by practicing regolith mineral exploration professionals in as part of its curriculum.
  • Third-year Sedimentology Field Class.
  • Fourth year (Honours) Remote Sensing.

Regolith science at UA is taught to undergraduates in the second and third year:

  • Second-year Landscape Processes and Environments, the principal regolith course at UA (includes NURGS).
  • Third-year Environmental Geoscience Processes.

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