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From 1 July 2006 Virtual Regolith Worlds Project has been revamped and renamed :-

Regolith Teaching and Training Materials

Project Leader: Steve Hill, Adelaide University to Dec 06, Dr Ian Roach from Feb 07.

Start Date: July 2006 - 2 years

Participants: Adelaide University, Australian National University, Curtin University of Technology



2005 - Virtual Regolith Worlds

The evolution of CRC LEME knowledge, expertise and research outcomes into educational materials is an important component of developing a LEME legacy both within and beyond the timeframe of CRC LEME. One of the greatest challenges for the promotion and perpetuation of regolith science is the availability of adequate teaching resources. This project will take the data and intellectual property generated by research programmes and use that to develop teaching and learning materials for use in undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional training modules. Topics will include regolith mapping, landscape evolution, describing regolith materials, mineral exploration and NRM applications.

Although this project has been operating for several years prior to this, progress and project spending has been limited to date. In the past the project has focussed on several modules or components. In the previous year the main aim was to reinstate progress in the development of teaching materials. This involved the writing of scripts that have had preliminary development over many years by a number of LEME 1 and LEME 2 staff. A radiometrics teaching exercise is also near to completion from John Wilford (GA), as well as Fowlers Gap regolith mapping exercise by Ian Roach (MCA) and Steve Hill (AU).

Deliverables (outputs) and expected impacts of research (outcomes):

This coming year proposes the following outputs:
  • The finalisation of near complete teaching modules;
  • Progress on other teaching modules;
  • The consolidation of lecture notes and other teaching materials used in the RMF and RGG shortcourses towards the production of affordable and accessible regolith geology texts;
  • Further development of teaching materials for regolith courses held at Fowlers Gap, with the final intention of producing a Fowlers Gap regolith GIS data and teaching set.

Coordinated undergraduate teaching programs between AU, ANU and CUT, with eventual spread towards teaching programs at other institutions.


The main outcome from this will be the dissemination and education of regolith science, particularly within undergraduate, post-graduate students and members of industry.


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