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Research Program 1

Regolith Geoscience

Exploration through cover in the Tanami

Project Leader : Lisa Worrall, Geoscience Australia

Start date and duration: 1/07/05 - 30/06/08

Participants : ANU, AU, CUT, GA, NTGS, GSWA, Tanami Gold NL, Newmont Australia, Anglo American

Project description:

The Tanami Region is host to a number of significant gold deposits however exploration of the region is hampered by the extensive development of regolith; comprised of both in situ and transported regolith materials.

The collaborative regolith research project Exploring through the Cover in the Tanami has as its objective the development of a cost-effective means of exploring through cover in the Tanami. The project collaborators are CRC LEME, Geoscience Australia , the Northern Territory Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Western Australia, Tanami Gold NL, Newmont Australia and Anglo American.

In 2007-2008 work will focus on integrating the results of the multidisciplinary activity in the project to date. A model of regional regolith landscape evolution will be developed, palaeo and contemporary dispersion processes will be identified, and exploration strategies, including recommendations about appropriate sampling media in the Tanami, will be formulated. An Explorers Guide to the Tanami will be released at AGES in Alice Springs in April 2008.

Deliverables (outputs) and expected impacts of research (outcomes):


•  Reports

- Fieldwork completion reports

- Summary of results especially analytical results

- Synthesis report on 4D model of regional regolith landscape evolution including recommendations about appropriate sampling media and pre competitive data acquisition

• Explorers Guide to the Tanami

• Oral and Poster Presentations with published abstracts

• Published Papers  


•  Improved effectiveness of exploration through cover in the Tanami



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