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Key Researchers

Key Researchers were those persons whose involvement was essential to the activities of the Centre, in addition to Executive members. They were nominated by CRC LEME and approved by the CRC Secretariat as Specified Personnel, as provided for in the Commonwealth Agreement.

Key Researchers have outstanding records in their field, are substantially devoted to the CRC, and have expertise pivotal to the quality of research. They were available to LEME researchers for advice, consultation, mentoring and review in relation to the whole range of LEME project activity.

LEME had three designated Key Researchers:

Dr Charles Butt

Dr Charles Butt
CSIRO Exploration & Mining, Perth
Email -

Dr Bear McPhail

Dr Bear McPhail
Research School of Earth Sciencest
ANU Canberra
Email -


Dr Colin Pain

Dr Colin Pain
Minerals Division
Geoscience Australia
Email -


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