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Centre Visitors provide CRCs with an independent mentor who is experienced in the research and business community. They help to ensure that the main focus of the CRC's research programme, milestones and outcomes remain aligned with the CRC's objectives.

Professor Gerry GovettProf Gerry Govett was the CRC LEME Visitor and reported to the CEO.

He has been associated with the minerals exploration industry, CRC LEME and the CRC Programme for a number of years. Gerry edited one of the definitive text books in exploration geochemistry - Handbook of Exploration Geochemistry - published in 1974 and also wrote a volume on rock geochemistry.

He was Professor of Exploration Geology at various universities including NSW, has worked for the United Nations as geochemistry exploration advisor and has served as a director on listed Australian exploration companies.

He was recently awarded Honorary Membership of the Association of Exploration Geochemists.



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CRC LEME is established and supported under the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Program. The CRC Program is an Australian Government initiative which brings together research groups with common interests.

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