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This series is about regolith; the layer of weathered material between fresh
rock and fresh air that blankets much of Australia. More specifically, it is about using
regolith indicators to help identify mineral deposits in regolith-dominated terrains.
Mineral exploration is unpredictable at best. Of the thousands of prospective sites
evaluated each year only a very small percentage are promising enough to justify followup
work, and of those only a handful will yield economically viable mineral deposits.
Intelligent and informed exploration – incorporating a comprehensive understanding
of regolith types and processes - shortens the odds in favour of the explorer and
increases the chances of success.

The CRC LEME Explorers' Guides include:

Series Editors: D Garnett, G Govett and L Worrall.

These guides will be practical summaries of the Centre's work designed specifically for use by exploration geologists active in regolith-dominated terrains in Australia.

The Guides are part of the suite of LEME LEGACY publications arising from seven years of collaborative research as a CRC.


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