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"Focus on Salt"

Published collaboratively by CRC LEME and CRC Plant-based Management of Dryland Salinity (CRC PBMDS or CRC Salinity). WEB SITE : CRC for Plant-Based Management of Dryland Salinity. Issues are available as PDFs to download.

JUNE 07 "FOCUS ON SALT". [1.83MB] LEME articles Pages 16-17. "Aerial technology to give Sunraysia a clearer salinity picture" - Greg Lawrence, and "Insight into acid drain geochemistry" - Rob Fitzpatrick.

MARCH 07 "FOCUS ON SALT". [2.09MB] LEME article Pages 16-17. "What's all the stink about: A guide to sulfur gas emissions in Australian wetlands and disposal basins" - Greg Lawrence and Sebastien Lamontagne

DECEMBER 06 "FOCUS ON SALT". LEME article Pages 8-10. "Multi-scale mapping for better salinity management" - John Wilford.

SEPTEMBER 06. "FOCUS ON SALT" . LEME Articles on Page 8-9. "Loveday Basin restoration underway" and Page 10. "New Program 3 Leader - CRC LEME" - Dr Paul Shand

JUNE 06 "FOCUS ON SALT". LEME article on Pages 14-15. "Value ading to GFS framework for managing dryland salinity in Australia" - Ken lawrie, John Wilford and Colin Pain.

MARCH 06 "FOCUS ON SALT" Includes Article from Rob Fitzpatrick CRC LEME / CSIRO Land and Water and Greg Lawrence - "Online data base paves the way to better land-use management". Pages 10 and 11.

DECEMBER 05 "FOCUS ON SALT". Includes Article from Paul Wilkes CRC LEME / Curtin University Exploraiton Geophysics. "Geophysics in the WA Rural Towns - Liquid Assets Project". Pages 6 and 7.

SEPTEMBER 05 "FOCUS ON SALT" Includes Article from Sebastien Lamontagne - CRC LEME / CSIRO Land and Water "Restoring the Loveday Disposal Basin". Pages 8 and 9.

JUNE 05 "FOCUS ON SALT" Includes Article from Program 3 Leader - Dr Steve Rogers " WA Wheatbelt drainaga - acidic groundwater, not just a salt issue" Pages 8 and 9.








CRC for Plant-Based Management of Dryland Salinity


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