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This section contains a non-exhaustive list of articles and papers published by CRC LEME staff and students in external journals, newsletters, proceedings and other professional publications. Please check back regularly for updates.


Hou B, Frakes LA, Sandiford M, Worrall L, Keeling J, Alley NF. Cenozoic Eucla Basin and associated paoaeovalaleys, southern Australia - Climatic and tectonic influences on landscape evolution, sedimentation and heavy mineral accumulation. ScienceDirect, Sedimentary Geology 203 (2008) pp 112-130. Elsevier BV. This article is copyright property of Elesvier - and can be accessed via their web site :
or contact lead author Baohong Hou at PIRSA.

Hou B, Fabris AJ, Keeling JL and Fairclough MC. Cainozoic palaeochannel-hosted uranium and current exploration methods, South Australia. MESA Journal 46 September 2007, pp 34-39.

Roach I, Hill SM and Lewis AC 2008 . Evolution of a small intraplate basaltic lava field: Jerrabattgulla Creek, upper Shoalhaven River catchment, New South Wales. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 55, pp 1049-1061. Available from


Dart RC, Barovich KM, Chittleborough DJ and Hill SM. 2007. Calcium in regolith carbonates of central and southern Australia: Its source and implications for the global carbon cycle. ScienceDirect - Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 249, pp 322-334. Elsevier BV.

CRC LEME: Digging up the dirt on Australian regolith science. Greg Lawrence - The Australian Geologist, March 2007, pp22-23

Drewry JJ, Newham LTH, Greene RSB, Jakeman AJ and Croke BFW 2006. A Review of nitogren and phosphorus export to waterways: context for catchment modelling. In REVIEW, Marine and Freshwater Research 2006, 58, 757-774. CSIRO Publishing.


16th Annual V.M. Goldschmidt Conference - 27 August - 1 September 2006 Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Australia PROCEEDINGS VOLUME

Locate abstracts from the Proceedings volume at :


R Anand, R Hough, C Phang, M Norman: The formation of ferruginous pisoliths and the mobility of gold and pathfinder elements In the Yilgarn Craton , Western Australia

S Beavis, P Somerville, L Isaacson, M Kehoe, FR Beavis, D Kirste, SA Welch. Sources, sinks and fluxes of acidity in a coastal acid sulfate soils site.

C Butt, R Hough, S Reddy, M Verrall: Origin and weathering of gold nuggets

RG Cresswell, M Silburn, A Biggs, D Rassam and V McNeil. Hydrogeochemistry of Hodgson Creek Catchment, Queensland Murray Darling Basin

P de Caritat, N Lavitt, D Kirste, M Grimley: Groundwater composition in the Cannington region, Australia: Mixing, water-rock interaction and applications to mineral exploration

C Gunton, D McPhail, A Christy: The influence of chloride and sulfate on Cu and Zn adsorption on goethite

C M Jones, E E Allen, J R Giska, S A Welch, D Kirste, J F Banfield: Iron formations at Lake Tyrrell, Victoria, Australia: Microbially-mediated redox chemistry.

D Kirste, P De Caritat, S A Welch: Characterising geochemical processes using the d34S and d18O of sulfate in groundwater

MJ Lenahan, DM Kirste, RG Cresswell, DC McPhail, LK Fifield. High resolution Cl and 36Cl profiles: Physiochemical mechanisms in the unsaturated zone.

DA Little, JB Field, SL Rogers, SA Welch. Microbiogeochemistry in the rhizosphere of two Australian forest trees.

F Reith, S L Rogers: Bioaccumulation and Secondary Gold Nugget Formation

K McQueen: Geochemical fractionation in the regolith of western New South Wales

D C McPhail, E Summerhayes, V Jayaratne, A Christy: Hemimorphite solubility and stability of low-T zinc minerals

A Usher, D C McPhail, J Brugger: Spectrophotometry of Au(III)-halide Complexes

L Wallace, DC McPhail, S Welch, D Kirste, S Beavis, S Lamontagne, R Fitzpatrick. Spatial heterogeneity of S and C stores in an inland acid sulfate soil - Low-Temperature Geochemistry in Surface Environment

S A Welch, D Kirste, S Beavis, G Yates, F Beavis, L Wallace: Geochemistry of sulfur in an inland acid sulfate soil system.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ...


Pillans B (2006) Timescales in Geomorphology. Abstract from Keynote Address, given at the ANZ Geomorphology Group Conference, New Zealand, February 2006.

Pain C.F. (2005) Size does matter: relationships between image pixel size and landscape process scales. In Zerger, A. and Argent, R.M. (eds) MODSIM 2005 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, December 2005, pp. 1430-1436. ISBN: 0-9758400-2-9. [Keywords: image pixel size - digital elevation models - landscape process]

Information on the MODSIM 2005 Congress and other papers -

P de Caritat and D Kirste "Hydrogeochemistry applied to mineral exploration under cover in the Curnamona Province". MESA Journal 37, April/May 2005.

B Hou and I Warland "Heavy mineral sands potential of the Eucla Basin in South Australia" [1.35MB] MESA Journal 37, April/May 2005. Individual figures from the article are available to download separately:-

Figure 1; Figure 2; Figure 3; Figure 4; Figure 5; Figure 6; Figure 7;

Drillhole Sample Sequence; Photographs page 12 of article

R D Gee "GEOCHEMICAL ANOMALIES IN TRANSPORTED OVERBURDEN". Presented at the AMIRA International Biennial Exploration Managers Conference, 5-7 April 2005, Hunter Valley NSW.

P de Caritat and D Kirste. Hydrogeochemistry - clues to hidden mineralisation. AusGeo News, Issue 77, March 2005. Australian Government, Geoscience Australia, Canberra.

R D Gee, K Lawrie and T Munday "REGOLITH TO THE RESCUE", Feb 2005

Innovative application of regolith science and new geophysical techniques to natural resource management in upland and lowland regions of the Murray-Darling Basin. This CRC LEME Article (PDF 480kb) refers to the Blanchetown Clay Riverland (SA) and Balonne River Inland Fan (Qld) areas. It highlights the innovative applications employed by CRC LEME teams and the National benefits arising from the research. (posted 22.4.05)


Program Leader Dr Ken Lawrie highlights a cost effective, targeted intervention and management strategy for use by farmers, catchment managers, and Landcare Groups.

R D Gee and R R Anand. Advances in Regolith Research - A CRC LEME Perspective. Conference Proceedings - PACRIM, Sept 2004




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