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Open File Report 176

Calculation of conductivity depth images (CDI) for SA AEM data using EMFlow 5.30 (AMIRA-P407B): Resolve: Riverland and Tintinara (east and west): Tempest: Jamestown & Angas Bremer Plains

Fitzpatrick A

Report prepared for the South Australia Salinity Mapping and Management Support Project.
This project is jointly funded by the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments under the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality.

This report summarises the calculation of conductivity depth images (CDI) from airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys flown for the South Australian Salinity Mapping and Management Projects. Three areas, Riverland, Tintinara-east, and Tintinara-west were surveyed with the DIGHEM RESOLVE frequency domain helicopter electromagnetic system. Two areas, Jamestown and Angas Bremer Plains were surveyed with the TEMPEST fixed-wing, towed-bird time domain electromagnetic system. All surveys were conducted by Fugro Airborne Surveys (FAS).



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