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open file report 170

A Geoscience Atlas for Natural Resource Management in the Upper Burdekin and Fitzroy Catchments, Queensland, Australia

ME Lech, MC Gray, CF Pain and Y Meizitis

January 2006

Download Report PDF [12MB]


This report is a companion to the Burdekin-Fitzroy web-based Geographic Information System (GIS). These were developed by Geoscience Australia, with CRC LEME and the Qld Dept Natural Resources and Mines, to bring together and describe a wide range of data layers that are of potential relevance to natural resource management decisions. Together, they provide an integrated body of knowledge that can be used as a tool by interested parties to rapidly access information and guide NRM decisions. They are unusual in the focus they provide on geoscience layers, which provide information on the distribution of surficial materials and the insights into subsurface geological features that influence soil types, groundwater and salinity.

The GIS, which is hosted by Geoscience Australia, is not a 'live' system drawing on the latest versions of the various databases. However, it contains comprehensive metadata that facilitates access by interested parties of updated material from specific sources.

Direct link to the Burdekin-Fitzroy Project Web Mapping System -

Feedback is sought on the usefulness of this GIS and report before consideration is given to development of similar systems for other regions. This should be sent to LEME representative, Colin Pain -



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