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Open File Report 157:

Teilta regolith project: Basement modelling

L. Ruperto

The basement modelling research initiative, which is part of the Teilta regolith project of CRC LEME Project 2.1, involved the development and construction of a 3D depth to basement model over the area covered by the Teilta 1:100,000 topographic map sheet. This arid landscape, located just to the north of the Broken Hill Domain, is dominated by Proterozoic bedrock overlain by various regolith units. The 3D model is able to provide a visual insight into the form and nature of the subsurface environment, in particular visualising the subsurface configuration of the Palaeoproterozoic Willyama basement under cover. The data used for this project, although forming a relatively small dataset, was collected from two major sources: (1) drillhole intersections as collated by New South Wales Department of Mineral Resources, and (2) ground observations of bedrock outcrops collated by Steve Hill from Adelaide University. Following a number of spatial adjustments required to fit the data to the topography, a variety of GIS products (such as contours maps, interpolated grids, point datasets) were generated and form the foundations of the 3D depth to basement model. The model allows for visualisation of the topographic surface combined with the interpreted location of the basement as it would appear in the actual environment in three dimensions. This allows the viewer to examine the model in a full 360° range of motion, including enabled zoom in/out features. The 3D model is able to identify areas where bedrock crops out at the topographic surface or where it is only very shallow below that surface, while also displaying significantly deeper bedrock distribution within the map sheet area.



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