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Open File Report 147

Regolith Landforms of the Gilmore Project Area

Roslyn A. Chan and David L. Gibson

This report accompanies the Gilmore Regolith Landforms map, which was mostly compiled at 1:50 000 scale, and is available as a digital coverage. A 1:130 000 scale ARCVIEW generated hardcopy map covering the entire Gilmore Project area is included with this report. Regolith landform units were mapped primarily by photo interpretation, backed up by field checking. Thirty regolith landform units are mapped and described.

The Gilmore project area is well endowed with mineral resources, especially in the north. However, exploration is hampered by extensive sediment deposited in previously incised valleys and on hill slopes, and by complex weathering of both altered and unaltered bedrock. Much of the area is also characterised by saline ground water, hosted in both weathered bedrock and sediment.

Both mineral exploration and environmental concerns can be better managed with an understanding of the distribution, characteristics and processes (both present and past) of the various transported and in-situ regolith materials and their landform associations, as presented in this map. This understanding also underpins the formulation of mineral and land use models to help extrapolate this knowledge to other areas.


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