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Open File Report 111

Supplementary notes and regolith map for the Enigma Prospect (Wollubar), Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Craig, M.A., Lintern, M.J. and Gray, D.J.

The CRCLEMEƒAMIRA Project 409 "Exploration in areas of transported overburden, Yilgarn Craton and environs" has, as its principal objective, development of geochemical methods for mineral exploration in areas with substantial transported overburden, through investigations of the processes of geochemical dispersion from concealed mineralization. An earlier report (EM Report 98R), entitled "Progress statement for the Kalgoorlie study area, Enigma prospect (Wollubar), Western Australia", focussed on soil geochemistry. Subsequently, district-scale regolith-landform mapping (1:50 000 scale) has been undertaken to determine the geomorphological setting of the Enigma prospect. This should more readily enable comparisons between this site and equivalents in the region.

The procedures by which the map has been compiled are briefly described and a copy of the map itself is included. This report and Report EM 98R are complementary and should be read in conjunction with one another.

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