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Open File Report 86

Geochemical exploration in areas of transported overburden, Yilgarn Craton and environs, Western Australia: Final Report

Butt, C.R.M., Gray, D.J., Robertson, I.D.M., Lintern, M.J., Anand, R.R., Britt, A.F., Bristow, A.P.J., Munday, T.J., Phang, C., Smith, R.E. and Wildman, J.E.

Areas with substantial transported overburden present some of the most significant exploration problems in the Yilgarn Craton and its environs, as well as in many other parts of Australia. It is estimated that such overburden conceals as much as 50% of the prospective terrain in the region, and greatly exceeds this in some districts. The previous and current AMIRA projects, Yilgarn Lateritic Environments (projects P240 and P240A) and Weathering Processes (P241, P241A), have shown that research can result in markedly improved methods of exploration in areas of transported cover and this project developed these further by studies of geochemical dispersion in a range of different depositional environments. Geochemical techniques are perceived to have considerable, but largely untested, potential in these environments. This project sought to investigate this potential. The aim has been to develop, if possible, suitable exploration geochemical methods for sediment-covered areas based upon an improved knowledge of the nature of the cover sequences and by reaching a better understanding of the mechanisms of element dispersion that may occur within them. To reach this end, a number of districts and sites were selected with the aid of the sponsoring companies and, following further selection based on some pilot studies, detailed investigations made at those that best typified many of the problems being encountered. The outcomes of these specific studies are given in the various investigation reports issued during the project; the purpose of this report is to summarize these results and to develop some more general conclusions and recommendations.

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