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Open File Report 81

Regolith Professionals for Tomorrow

G. Taylor, S. Hill and B. Kovacs

This document presents and summarises five years of achievements in Education and Training in the Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration. The Centre has developed comprehensive activities, ranging from undergraduate scholarships, to encourage students to pursue regolith studies, to professional short courses for practicing geologists.

This report will serve to:

  • Guide prospective and present students and student advisors in CRC LEME as to what they can expect from the Centre and what the Centre expects of them;
  • Provide an insight for employers of exploration geologists, university geoscience academics, and other CRC’s into the quality and breadth of experience of students, at all levels, graduating from universities associated with CRC LEME;
  • Provide ideas and stimulate academics to broaden their sights to include regolith studies in their curricula and stimulate other CRC’s to consider some of the strategies CRC LEME has developed in Education and Training; and
  • Provide a consolidated insight into CRC LEME’s Education and Training for its core-parties and the CRC Secretariat.

As Director I am proud to be leading a team that has achieved much over a comparatively short time and feel privileged to have interacted with participants in the many educational and training activities of the Centre. It is particularly heartening to have seen the enthusiasm with which members of CRC LEME, from across the country, have cooperated to deliver courses and become involved in advising students of the Centre.

I am particularly pleased to see the educational activity of the Centre growing at Curtin University of Technology, where the Centre now jointly funds a lecturer, and am looking forward to seeing regolith studies augmented in their curriculum. The regolith courses at the University of Canberra and the Australian National University are providing a steady supply of graduates to industry and other employers, so taking regolith knowledge and skills generated through the Centre's activities into the workplace.

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