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Open File Report 76

Explanatory notes for the 1: 500 000 Cobar regolith landform map (includes one map)

Gibson, D.L.

These notes are designed to accompany the Cobar 1:500 000 Regolith Landforms map, first published as a hardcopy form by CRC LEME in 1996, and subsequently revised (new polygon symbols and reference) and published in digital and hardcopy form in 1999. The Cobar region is well endowed with mineral resources, but geochemical exploration is hampered by poor bedrock outcrop in low relief, regolith dominated terrains. The map is designed to show broad regolith-landform units, giving a valuable regional overview of the main regolith types and their associated landforms. This is of use to mineral explorers in the region wishing to place their tenements within the broad regional regolith-landform context, and also giving a general outline of the major areas of bedrock or regolith dominated terrain. It also highlights areas where further regolith investigations might be carried out.

These notes include ideas on the origin of features of the regolith and landscape in the area, an expanded description of the regolith landform units shown on the map, and a bibliography of relevant published material. Appendices include a table of new and old map symbols, and an extensive compilation of synopses of published descriptions of regolith materials in the region, arranged by map areas.

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