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Open File Report 73

Genesis, classification and atlas of ferruginous materials, Yilgarn Craton.

Anand, R.R., Paine M.D., and Smith, R.E.

Preface and Executive Summary

This report builds upon an earlier Atlas developed during the CSIRO/AMIRA Laterite Geochemistry project (1987-1991). The report fufils an objective of CRC Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration Applications Group which was to prepare an Atlas of Ferruginous Materials to illustrate the morphology, composition and origin of ferruginous materials.

The report begins with a discussion on usage of the term 'laterite' and a summary of preferred lateritic profile terminology. This is followed by a discussion of the evolution of principal ferruginous materials and sources of Fe in duricrusts. Subsequent chapters discuss pisolith classification and review some classification schemes of ferruginous duricrust. The final chapter proposes a classification scheme of ferruginous materials.

The Atlas is based on the proposed classification scheme and is suitable for the field identification and classificiton of ferruginous materials. It contains detailed descriptions of the principal ferruginous materials including ferruginous saprolite, ferruginous clays, ferriginous mottles, lateritic residuum, ferricrete and iron segregations. Field relationships, microfabrics, mineralogical and chemical compositions are illustrated for each type.

R.R. Anand, Project Leader.
APRIL 2002

Ferruginous materials, lateritic duricrust, lateritic nodules, lateritic pisolith, lateritic gravel, ferricrete, laterite, nodular duricrust, pisolitic duricrust, vermiform duricrust, vesicular duricrust, slabby duricrust, massive duricrust, fragmental duricrust, fabrics, mineralogy, geochemistry, microstructures, classification, origin, Yilgarn Craton, North Queensland, Victoria, India, Zambia, Brazil.


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