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Open File Report 64

Weathering Processes - P241 Eastern Goldfields Field Trip

Butt, C.R.M., Churchward, H.M., Lintern, M.J. and Scott, K.M.

Bounty Mine, Mt Percy, Panglo


Sunday 28th October
1.00 pm Assemble at CSIRO Floreat Park
6.00 pm Briefing: Mt Hope - Soils and Landforms
Dinner and overnight accommodation

Monday 29th October
8.00 am Departure for the Bounty Gold Mine after breakfast. Guides: Max Churchward and Melvyn Lintern
1.00 pm Departure for Kalgoorlie after lunch
7.00 pm Arrival Overland Motor Inn, Kalgoorlie for dinner and overnight accommodation
Tuesday 30 October
8.00 am Briefing: Mt Percy - geology, geomorphology and geochemistry
Panglo - geology, geomorphology, soils and groundwaters
9.30 am Depart for Mt Percy.
9.45 am Mystery Pit, Mt Percy. Guides: Charles Butt, Paul Sauter (KCGM) and Ravi Anand. Traverse along west and north walls on bench at RL 400 to NE corner
11.00 am Depart for Panglo.
11.30 am Panglo. Guides: Melvyn Lintern, David Gray, Ian G. Robertson (Pancon). Demonstration of water sampling techniques. Soil geochemistry and biogeochemistry.
12.30 am Lunch.
1.00 pm Depart for Bottle Creek.

Wednesday 31st October
8.00 am Field visits around Bottle Creek
4.00 pm P241 only Sponsors return to Kalgoorlie by coach - end of trip
P240 Sponsors depart for Leonora for P240 Field Trip

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