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Open File Report 60

Introduction and Bottle Creek orientation study - Contribution to Field Guide, Eastern Goldfields Trip

Anand, R.R., Smith, R.E., Churchward, H.M. and Perdrix, J.L.

Schedule of stops

8.00 a.m.
STOP 1 Erosional regime - walk from mine road to line 14 800 mN, turn west towards breakaway. Note variability in topography, outcrops, and lags on erosional surfaces. Lags of quartz, saprock, ferruginous lithic fragments, iron segregations, ferruginous saprolite and calcrete. Elements of the regolith-landform mapping units 3, 5, and 6 should be present.

STOP 2 Stable regime from crest (above a low breakaway) down a long, gentle backslope Continue the walk along line 14 800 mN. Stop on crest, midslope and lower slope positions. On crest, note coarse fragments of duricrust of various types, also some nodules and pisoliths with yellow-brown cutans (skins). Midslope; note finer lag which is dark brown to black also few if any pisoliths and little, if any, quartz. Lower slope fine lag. Note contrast with silts of the narrow alluvial track (mapping unit 9a nearby). Move on to next stop along 14 800 mN.

STOP 3 Stable regime EMU location. Exposure of deep nodular and pisolitic lateritic residuum in EMU test pit.

Note deep hardpanization of lateritic residuum
trends downwards from lateritic residuum to mottled zone
types of iron segregations
pisolitic and nodular, Fe-rich, magnetic
yellow brown to red brown mottled to incipiently pisolitic
gossanous types
Commentary by G. F. Taylor on gossans and lithogeochemistry. If sufficient time, continue along exposures of regolith north of EMU test pit, noting lateritic residuum, lens-shaped iron segregations, "fragmentary duricrusts", gossanous materials and trends in depth to weathered rock.

STOP 4 Towards north end of VB pit - Gossan and lithogeochemistry - G. F. Taylor

12.30 p.m.
1.30 p.m.

STOP 5 BOAGS mine pit

Greenstone sequence well exposed.
Channel deposit, at north end of decline.
Fine nodular, very gravelly lateritic residuum mid-way along eastern face of decline.
Pisolitic and nodular lateritic residuum at south end of entrance to the main pit.
Iron segregations will be noted in the face.
Gossans will be discussed - G. F. Taylor.
3.00-3.30 p.m.
Depart Bottle Creek by bus

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