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Open File Report 48

The mineralogical and geochemical effects of weathering on shales at the Panglo Deposit, Eastern Goldfields, WA

Scott, K.M. and Dotter, L.E.

Examination of phyllosilicates, oxide phases, alunite and, where present, sulphides and carbonates in 10 samples of fresh and weathered shale from the Panglo area has helped elucidate how elements are retained during weathering. Chalcophile elements are strongly retained by Fe oxides and Sr and Ba (plus As and Cu) are retained by alunite. Micas, which are essentially unaffected by weathering, appear to have low Na and Fe contents in mineralized profiles and higher contents elsewhere.

By comparing mineralized and barren shale profiles, Fe and chalcophile elements (As, Mo, Sb and W) appear to be enriched and Na, Ba and Sr depleted in weathered shales above secondary gold mineralization at Panglo.

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