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Open File Report 40

Multi-element soil survey of the Mount Hope Area, Western Australia

Lintern, M.J., Churchward, H.M. and Butt, C.R.M.

Composite soil auger samples from the top metre were analysed for elements and compared with similar existing information for Au. Regolith and geomorphological features were mapped from air photo and field studies and, in conjunction with existing geology maps, were used to interpret the observed distribution of the elements. Initially, simple distribution maps, selected binary plots, histograms and correlation matrices were used to describe the results. Further statistical treatment using R-Q mode principal component analysis and cluster analysis developed the interpretation. The results demonstrated strong associations between certain elements, soil type and underlying geology. Most notable were the associations between SiO2 and sediments, transition metals and the laterites, and alkali and alkaline earth metals with the red earth soils. Whilst Au itself did not show any strong associations, certain areas have been identified from this integrated approach that warrant further investigation.

Last updated: Thursday, January 06, 2000 08:31 AM


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