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Open File Report 24

The mineralogical and geochemical effects of weathering on volcanics from the Panglo Deposit, Eastern Goldfields, WA

Scott, K.M.

Profiles above ultramafic and mafic volcanics at Panglo are characterized by the development of a surficial ferruginous calcrete zone which is not present above shales. This zone bears Au ~0.05 ppm and is generally characterized by elevated As, Ba, Cr, Mo, Sb, Sr, V and Zr contents relative to underlying rocks. Higher levels of Au and associated elements (As, Mo and Sb) are present directly above Au mineralization at depth.

Ultramafic rocks generally have high Mg, Cr and Ni contents reflecting the presence of chlorite-vermiculite and talc through the weathered profiles. Where weathering is particularly intense, these minerals may be destroyed and smectitic clays developed. Mafic volcanic profiles show greater development of micas and hematite than those above ultramafic rocks. Substantial paragonite is present in the barren profiles but not in the mineralized profiles.

Within both ultramafic and mafic rocks the mineralization is associated with elevated levels of S, Ag, As, Co, Mo, Sb, W and Zn. Sometimes these elements may be found for 5 m vertically above mineralization in ultramafic profiles. However mineralized mafic volcanic profiles may have very high levels of As and W for ~50 m above mineralization.

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