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Open File Report 17

Mineralogy and geochemistry of mineralised and barren felsic volcanic profiles, Parkinson Pit, Mt Magnet, WA

Scott, K.M.

Study of profiles through felsic rocks below a thin soil in the southern portion of the Parkinson Pit at Mt Magnet shows zonation: goethite -> muscovite-kaolinite -> muscovite-kaolinite-goethite -> albite-goethite -> fresh rock. Calcrete may also be developed at the soil-rock interface. Bands of mafic rock within these profiles are similar mineralogically to adjacent felsic rocks but they do have greater Ti, Co, Cr. Ni, Sc and V contents than the felsic rocks.

The elements, Co, Cu, Ni, Sc, W and Zn which were found to be strongly associated with ferruginous rocks in mafic profiles are similarly associated in the felsic profiles. Of the pathfinders, Ag, As, Mo and Sb, associated with Au in mafic profiles, only As has been found useful in felsic rocks. However, in these rocks W and B also appear to be associated with Au.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:49 PM


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