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Open File Report 15

Mineralogy and geochemistry of some weathered rocks from Callion Gold Deposit, Yilgarn Block, WA

Llorca, S.M.

Weathered profiles at Callion are the host of economic gold mineralization. This report starts the documentation of these profiles, which ultimately will enable us to understand the weathering processes and the distribution of gold and associated elements in the weathered profile. Data reported here concern the mineralogy and geochemistry of the upper weathered wall-rocks from the BC Pit at the northern end of the Callion mineralization.

Two geological formations were characterised, showing slightly different compositions.

The in-situ weathered rock is essentially composed of kaolinite and quartz gradually replaced by goethite. With the progressive decrease of Al and Si and the concentration of Fe, we observed a progressive dispersion of Ti, Mg, K, Na, Cl, Sr and Y and concentration of S and Cu.

An allochthonous formation at the northern end of the BC pit is composed mainly of hematite, goethite and alunite. In this formation, Si, Ba, Cu and Zn show a depletion whereas Ti, S, CO2, As, Cr and Zr are concentrated. The presence of alunite indicates the presence, at some stage, of sulphate-rich groundwaters.

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