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Open File Report 14

Mineralogy and geochemistry of weathered mafic-ultramafic volcanics from section 4200N at Panglo, Eastern Goldfields, WA

Scott, K.M.

A total of 62 samples, derived from reverse circulation drilling through weathered volcanic sequences on the western edge of the Panglo gold deposit, have been analysed chemically and mineralogically. On the basis of their Cr contents, they have been classified as either mafic or ultramafic rocks. Higher Cr contents in the oxide phases, goethite, rutile and spinel, also appear to distinguish ultramafic from mafic rocks.

More extensive development of alunite and paragonite, which characterise mineralised and barren shale profiles respectively (Scott, 1989a), are not present in the weathered volcanic profiles. However, near-surface Au enrichment (> 0.05 ppm) in the volcanics is associated with elevated As and sometimes Mo, Sn and W contents. These elements, plus Cu and Sb, are also associated with sub-economic mineralisation at depth. Thus, similar pathfinders are present in both shale and volcanic sequences at Panglo.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:31 PMM


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