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Open File Report 12

Mineralogy and geochemistry of mineralised and barren weathered profiles, Parkinson Pit, Mt Magnet, WA

Scott, K.M.

In both mineralised and barren profiles in the northern portion of the Parkinson Pit at Mt Magnet, progressive zonation occurs from a calcite (calcrete) zone through mica-rich and ferruginous assemblages into chlorite-dolomite assemblages before passing into unweathered pyrite-dolomite-siderite-bearing rocks. However, the barren profile shows the development of Na- and Ca-rich micas rather than muscovite. Ferruginization is more consistently present in the mineralised profile.

The elements Co, Cu, Ni, Sc, Ti, W and Zn are associated with Fe in highly ferruginous samples. The effect of discrete vertical zonation is reflected by surface enrichment of Ca, Mg, Ba, Sr, Ga and Zr and depletion in Co. However the most significant feature is the association of Ag, As, Mo and Sb with Au in the weathered profile. Readily mobilised elements like Co, Cu and Ni which occur within the pyrite are associated with Fe and are not good pathfinders for Au.

Weathering in the southern portion of the Parkinson Pit gives rise to essentially similar mineralogical zonation to that in the north except that a thick kaolinite blanket is developed in the top 20 m. Thus weathering conditions may have been more acidic in this portion of the pit.

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