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Open File Report 4

Morphology and geochemistry of gold in a laterite profile, Reedy Mine, Western Australia

Freyssinet, P. and Butt, C.R.M.

The morphology and geochemistry of gold grains panned from bulk samples collected from various horizons of the weathering profile of gold mineralisation at the North Rand Pit at Reedy have been studied. The primary mineralization in the main lode is characterised by xenomorphic and euhedral grains containing 6-16% Ag and 300-1000ppm Cu. The gold in lateral veins is similar but coarser. In the saprolite, only a few residual, Ag-rich, primary grains remain, and these are strongly etched and rounded. The other grains are Ag- and Cu-free and appear to be secondary. In the ferruginous horizon, all the grains are secondary, being Ag- and Cu-free and having characteristic prismatic or flat pseudo-hexagonal morphologies; most are partly etched. Iron and As are present in many secondary grains, probably as micro-inclusions, suggesting that Fe plays an important role in the process of remobilisation and precipitation.

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