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LEME Program 1 Leader, Ms Lisa Worrall received an award from the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists for the best environmental/geotechnical presentation

- at the 19th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition: Exploration and Beyond. 1822 November 07, Perth. 

The presentation was an hour long invited keynote address entitled Regolith Geophysics: Retrospect and Prospect.  The short abstract for the presentation is shown below.

The Conference Handbook presented by the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists - PREVIEW, Issue 131, December 2007 is available from :

LEME was well represented at this event, other LEME presentations included:

Regolith geophysics: retrospect and prospect

Lisa Worrall - CRC LEME / Geoscience Australia.

Australia leads the world in developing an understanding of the nature of regolith and regolith forming processes. This understanding is fundamental to the effective exploration of regolith dominated terrains and the effective management of our environment.

Geophysical techniques have an important role to play in characterizing regolith materials, mapping their distribution, and mapping and monitoring regolith forming processes. The efficacy of these techniques, including processing and interpretation strategies, has improved dramatically in the last decade. New, large data acquisition programs funded by the federal government and focused on the regolith should act as an impetus for further improvements in these techniques.

This presentation reviews advances in regolith geophysics over the past decade and considers the challenges and opportunities that will face regolith geophysicists in the coming decade.


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