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Regolith Landscape Evolution Across Australia

A compilation of regolith-landscape case studies and landscape evolution models

Edited and compiled by R. R. Anand and P. de Broekert

While there is a continuing need to discover mineral deposits in Australia, regions containing bedrock outcrops and in situ regolith materials have generally been well explored. Therefore, the greatest potential for further discovery lies beneath areas of substantial transported cover, which are largely under-explored. These covered areas are complex and future discoveries will rely on our ability to understand 4D regolith and landscape evolution processes. This understanding assists mineral exploration through improved interpretation of chemical dispersion signals related to concealed ore deposits, and aids environmental research and management.

This volume integrates the results of numerous regolith-landscape evolution studies, not only from the many regional, district and site investigations carried out through the Centre's activities, but also from the wider literature. It was compiled, synthesised and edited by CRC LEME staff.

In addition to the basic data available in the case studies, the volume includes regional scale landscape models and weathering and denudation histories of selected regions. It is expected that this will provide a better understanding of regolith processes which will enhance our ability to deal with areas of transported cover.

Case histories are released here as PDF files for free download. Downloading of the individual case histories is for personal use only and subject to copyright restrictions (see copyright statement below).

Supporting Chapters

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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