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leme abstracts - iags, june 07

23rd International Applied Geochemistry Symposium: Exploring our Environment

14-19 June 2007, Oviedo, Asturas, Spain. Program and Abstracts Volume published by the Association of Applied Geochemists.

The volume is not available digitially. For author contacts or photocopy of the abstracts, please email LEME HO:

(25 LEME Presentations and Posters)

  • Anand RR, Hough R and Phang C. How ore grade 'laterite' Au deposits form in Western Australia : new insights into the processes of anomaly formation. p98.
  • Beavis F, Ellis D and Welch S. Post-depositional geochemistry of sediments in response to urbanization in Merimbula/Pambula estuaries, New South Wales , Australia . p63.
  • Cornelius M, Robertson IDM, Cornelius AJ and Morris PA. Laterite Gochemical Alas for the deeply-weathered western Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia . p40.
  • de Caritat P, Lech ME, McPherson AA. National geochemical survey of Australia : Outline of a new initiative. p45.
  • de Caritat, McPhail DC , Kyser K, Oates CJ, Polito P and Winterburn P. Using groundwater chemical and isotopic composition in the search for porphyry copper and base metal deposits: Examples from Chile and India . p58.
  • Fabris A, Keeling J and Fidler R. Geochemical expression of bedrock mineralization through deep cover - a comparison of exploration methods and sample depths, Curnamona Province , South Australia . p72.
  • Gray DJ. Acid groundwaters in Southern Australia - new models for their formation and mineral exploration implications. p118.
  • Gray DJ. Acid groundwaters in Southern Australia - new models for their formation. p151.
  • Gray DJ, Noble RP and Butt CRM. Methods for nickel sulphide exploration using hydrogeochemistry. p119.
  • Hough R, Anand R, Ryan C, Norman M, Belton D, Etschmann B, Phang C and Harland C. Mapping anomaly residence in the regolith at small scale. p44.
  • Hough R et al. Supergene gold at the Golden Virgin Deposit, Western Australia . p174.
  • Kirste D, Worrall L, Joseph and Reid N. A hydrologic and hydrogeochemical study of the regolith signature of gold mineralization in the Tanami Desert Region of Australia. p67.
  • Lech ME and de Caritat P. Recent results from a geochemical survey in the New South Wales part of the Thomson Orogen: implications for mineral exploration. p49.
  • Lintern MJ, Verall MR and Belton DX. Gold uptake in Australian plans - a preliminary experimental study. p139.
  • McQueen K, Khider K. Gold dispersion in the calcrete zone, Girilambone region, western New South Wales , Australia . p185.
  • McQueen K, Pillans B, Scott K and Smith M. Deciphering multi-stage geochemical dispersion in complex regolith. p155.
  • Noble RRP and Gray DJ. Regional hydrogeochemical exploration for Ni sulfides in the NE Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia . p120
  • Noble RRP and Stanley CR. A comparison of traditional and novel partial geochemical extractions at a Cu-Zn soil anomaly in Victoria , Australia . p200.
  • Noble RRP and Watkins RT. Anthropogenic and natural enrichment of As, Cr and Pb of the soils near the Stawell Gold Mine , Victoria , Australia . p233.
  • Petts AE, Hill SM and Worrall L. Termitaria as a biogeochemical sampling medium for mineral exploration: the significance of species variations towards a representative and robust approach. p95.
  • Phang C, Williams S, Munday T and Waldron H. The influence of sample preparation on the detection and discrimination of regolith material types and alteration mineralogy using spectral measurements in the visible and infrared. p242.
  • Reid N, Hill S and Lewis D. Mineral expression and plant species differences at the Titania Prospect: biogeochemical sampling in the Tanami Region , Northern Territory , Australia . p122.
  • Reid N, Hill S and Lewis D. Phytoexploration signals: does one sample represent an area, cast study using Melaleuca lasiandra. p143.
  • Stanley CR and Noble RRP. Quantitative minimum probability measures of exploration accuracy and geochemical contrast: comparing exploration techniques to maximize discovery. p156.
  • Worrall L, Kirste D, Joseph J, Billans B, Reid N, Petts A and Hill S. Targeting gold mineralisation through the cover in the Tanami Desert Region in Northern Australia . p66.

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