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LEME Honorary Fellowships are awarded by the Board in recognition of outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of Regolith Science

The Awards are in the form of embossed and engraved jarrah plaques. Sixteen Awards have been presented thus far by Mr George Savell, Board Chair.

Nine Awards were made at LEME Wind-Up Dinners held in Canberra (25 June), Adelaide (27 June) and Perth (3 July).

  • Dr Charles Butt
  • Dr Steve Hill
  • Mr John Keeling
  • Dr Ken Lawrie
  • Dr Ken McQueen
  • Dr Colin Pain
  • Dr Steve Rogers
  • Mr Keith Scott
  • Ms Lisa Worrall


John has 35 years geological experience mainly in non-metallic and industrial minerals including 10 years as co-project leader in collaborative research projects at CSIRO Land and Water on characterisation and modification of fine-grained industrial minerals.

John was appointed interim Assistant Director for the LEME 2 Adelaide node in early 2001, and appointed CRC LEME Assistant Director in May 2002.

A stalwart of the CRC LEME Executive, John has also been Project Leader of the SA Sediments project and later the central Gawler Craton project, and a research contributor on the Mineral Mapping SA project, the Curnamona Minex project. He also led a small project on natural asbestos in the environment.

John's leadership and key contribution to a number of highly successful LEME projects is universally recognised by the Regolith geoscience community. These include: Early models developed for heavy mineral accumulation in the Eucla Basin, and the Palaeodrainage mapping across South Australia; Hyperspectral mapping of alteration associated with gold mineralisation, and spectral mapping of kimberlites in the Flinders Ranges; and collaboration with Chinese researchers on electro-geochemical techniques.

John, took a lead role in organising the annual CRC LEME Symposia held in Adelaide (2003 2006) and is a member of the organising committee of the annual Mineral Exploration Through Cover Conferences held at Adelaide University (2005 2008).

In the absence of a LEME Symposium in Adelaide in 2007, John accepted an invitation from the GSA to organise a regolith theme for the biennial Sprigg Symposium. This took place in November last year and was a showcase for LEME research, with strong participation from LEME students.



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