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Assoc Prof Ken McQueen
Assistant Director, Canberra

Assoc Prof Ken McQueen

Health, Design and Science
University of Canberra
ACT, 2601
Tel: 02 6201 2520. Fax: 02 6201 2934

Department of Earth and Marine Sciences
Faculty of Science
The Australian National University
ACT 0200

Tel: 02 6125 0575

Alternate: Mr Mike Craig
Division of Minerals, Geoscience Australia
PO Box 378, Canberra ACT 2061.
Tel: 02 6248 9453. Fax: 02 6249 9930

Present Positions

  • Associate Professor in Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration, University of Canberra and the Australian National University
  • Assistant Director, CRC LEME
  • Project Leader, Lachlan Fold Belt Project, CRC LEME

LEME Research Interests

  • Geochemistry and mineral exploration
  • Ore and regolith mineralogy
  • Regolith geology and landscape evolution

LEME Related Teaching  

  • Geochemistry and Mineral Exploration, University of Canberra (1980-2003)
  • Ore Deposit Geology, University of Canberra (1980-2003)
  • Regolith geology at ANU (2003-)
  • LEME and MTEC Short Courses in Exploration Geochemistry (1996-)  

Other Research Interests  

  • Regional geological mapping
  • Structural and metamorphic geology
  • Volcanology
  • Mining history

Consulting Activities  

  • Mineral exploration
  • Ore mineragraphy and petrology
  • Petrography related to prehistory-archaeology

Education and Employment: University of New England , B.Sc. (1971), University of New England , B.Sc. Honours (1972), University of Western Australia , Ph.D. in Geology (1980), University of Canberra , Grad.Cert. in Higher Education (1998)

1970-71 Pickands Mather Australia and Maprock Pty Ltd.

1972 Department of Prehistory UNE

1976 Department of Geology, University of Western Australia

1977-80 Department of Geology, University of Melbourne

1980- School of REHS , University of Canberra

2003- Department of Earth and Marine Sciences, Australian National University




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