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Mr John Keeling
Assistant Director, Adelaide

Principal Geologist, Mineral Resources, PIRSA

PO Box 1671
Adelaide SA 5001
Tel: 08 8463 3135. Fax: 08 8226 3399.

Alternate: Dr Rob Fitzpatrick,
CSIRO Land & Water,
Private Bag No. 2 Glen Osmond, SA 5064
Tel: (08) 8303 8511 FAX: (08) 8303 8550

  • University of South Australia , B.App.Sc.
  • University of Hull ( UK ), M.Sc. (Industrial Mineralogy)
  • Diploma of Gemmology

Employment History

  • Assistant Director, Adelaide , CRC LEME (2001-)
  • ILUA Negotiation Team, Attorney General's Department SA (1999-2001)
  • Principal geologist and co-project leader CSIRO-MESA collaborative research (1989-1999)
  • Senior geologist, Mineral Exploration Division, Mines and Energy, SA (1980-1989)
  • Geologist, Technical Information Services, Mines and Energy, SA (1972-1980)
Research Interests

John's research interests are mainly in the area of industrial mineralogy in particular fine-grained mineral phases, especially clay minerals, and techniques for their identification, characterisation and modification. This work has included studies on hydrothermal and weathering systems, use of infrared techniques, x-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy. In LEME research projects, this experience has been applied to the use of airborne spectral techniques in locating weathered kimberlite, mapping alteration minerals associated with hydrothermal vein systems and their modification by weathering, and using secondary minerals to trace metal mobility through weathered and transported regolith.

A trip to China in 1994 at the invitation of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering to review research on clay mineral modification developed an ongoing interest in Chinese research. This has continued in LEME with recent collaborative research negotiated with Guilin University on development of electro-chemical techniques for geochemical surveys for mineralisation under cover.

Selected publications

Keeling, J.L., 1992. Ceramic and refractory raw materials in South Australia . In: Bannister, M.J. (Ed), Ceramics adding the value. Proceedings of the International Ceramic Conference , Australia 1992, Vol.1: 90-95.

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Keeling J.L., 1997. Industrial Clays: meeting the challenge of increased technical demands and shifting markets. Proceedings The AusIMM Annual Conference, Ballarat , March 1997: 239-246.

Keeling, J.L., and Mauger, A.J., 1997. Use of a field portable IR analyser in delineation of commercial grades of magnesium-rich clay at Garford , South Australia . Proceedings of the 12th International Conference, Applied Geologic Remote Sensing , Denver , Colorado , USA , 17-19 November 1997, Vol 1: 29 -36.

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Keeling, J.L., 1998. Economic geology and mineralogy of Proterozoic magnesite deposits in the Willouran and northern Flinders Ranges , South Australia . Geological Society Australia , Abstracts No 49 : 238.

Keeling, J.L., Mauger, A.J., Horsfall, C. and Crettenden, P.P., 1998. Defining South Australian magnesite resources using high-resolution airborne spectrometry and survey-grade GPS. Proceedings 9 th Australasian Remote Sensing Photogrammetry Conference : Sydney, 1998, CDROM Vol 1, Paper 152.

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Keeling. J.L., Mauger, A.J., Stamoulis, V. and Morris, B.J., 2005. Role of airborne hyperspectral surveys in the search for diamonds in the Flinders Ranges . MESA Journal 39 : 30-33.



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