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Exploration field workshop cobar region 2004


Exploration Field Workshop Cobar Region - Proceedings - Cobar 24-26 May 2004

Edited by KG McQueen and KM Scott

Download PDF version:

Proceedings [14 Mb], Field Trip Guide [6 Mb]



The Cobar region is a major metallogenic province within the Lachlan Fold Belt and remains highly prospective for further discoveries of significant mineral resources. Exploration in this region has been hampered by a complex regolith, with deep weathering and extensive transported cover, as well as by the style and geometry of the deposits. This workshop brought together geoscientists with knowledge of the region to present, discuss and exchange current ideas and experiences on the most effective approaches to exploration. The workshop also showcased some of the results from the almost completed Girilambone (Cobar-Bourke) Project. This joint study by the Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Environments and Mineral Exploration and the New South Wales Department of Mineral Resources has investigated the regolith and its geochemistry in the previously poorly known Girilambone terrain to the east of Cobar.

A workshop format was deliberately chosen to promote free and informal discussion. A large component of the workshop was conducted in the field. The program included an initial presentation session outlining the geological and regolith setting of the region followed by a half-day field trip to examine regolith materials, landscape features and exploration issues. There was then a full day of presentation and discussion sessions based on the themes of exploration techniques and approaches and exploration case studies. This was followed by a one-day field trip across the Girilambone terrain examining sites investigated by CRC LEME and the NSW DMR.

The Organising Committee thanks CRC LEME, the Cobar Branch of AusIMM and SMEDG for underwriting the workshop and corporate sponsors for their generous support.


Benjamin R. Ackerman and Allan R. Chivas: The surface geochemical expression of concealed mineralisation, Tritton copper deposit, Girilambone district.

Rex R. Berthelsen: Exploration in the Cobar gold field: a 2004 perspective.

Phillip L. Blevin and Mel Jones: Granites of the Bourke-Byrock -Brewarrina region.

Phillip L. Blevin and Mel Jones: Chemistry, age and metallogeny of the granites and related rocks of the Nymagee region, NSW

Peter M. Buckley: A methodology for regolith-landform mapping in regional mapping programs.

Gary R. Burton, Steven J. Trigg and Mark W. Dawson: A new bedrock mapping program for the Cobar-Bourke region.

Adam Davey, John Joseph and Graham Heinson: Electromagnetic profiling of paleochannels in the Girilambone region, NSW

Vladmir David and Dick Glen: The geological framework of the Cobar Basin

A Duk-Rodkin, R.A. Chan and K.G. McQueen: Drainage evolution of the Cobar region.

Michael G. Hicks and Guy Fleming: Girilambone-Cobar Project: A collaborative venture between NSW DMR and CRC LEME.

Peter Leveret, Adam R. McKinnon and Peter A. William: A supergene exploration model for Cobar style deposits.

Kenneth G. McQueen: The nature, origin and exploration significance of the regolith, Girilambone-Cobar Region.

Kenneth G. McQueen and Dougal C. Munro: Factoring in weathering-controlled chemical fractionation in surface sampling media.

Geoff Reed: Exploring the Elura system

Neil F. Rutherford: The X-Y-Z of geochemical dispersion from mineralisation in the Cobar terrain.

Keith Scott and Maite Le Gleuher: Geochemical dispersion in the regolith, Girilambone belt region.

M. Skirka, V. David and I. Mackenzie: The discovery and regolith expression of the Hera Au-Cu-Zn-Pb-Zn-Ag deposit.

Ian Stockton: The strategy for geochemical exploration around the CSA mine.

S.E. Tate, R.S.B. Greene, K.M. Scott and K.G. McQueen: The aeolian input to the Girilambone regolith-Implications for exploration.

Christopher E. Torrey and Peter D. White: The Pipeline Ridge discovery.

M.A. Whitbread: Using lithogeochemistry to explore in regolith dominated terrains: avoiding closure, background and weathering effects.

Field Trip Guide and Locality Descriptions


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