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2003 News Archive

Program 4 LEME Team Receives Geoscience Australia Award


Awarded to the CRC LEME Program 4 team at GA - Ken Lawrie, Richard Lane, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Dave Gibson, Heike Apps, John Wilford, Anne Riesz, Penny Kilgour, Ross Brodie, Matt Gray, Colin Pain Patty Please, Jon Clarke and Jane Coram. The graduates involved are Amy Kernich and Karol Czarnota.

Program 4 Leader Ken Lawrie would like to also acknowledge and thank other key Program 4 LEME researchers - Tim Munday (CSIRO Exploration and Mining), KP Tan (ANU), Andy Herczeg and colleagues at CSIRO L&W and Paul Wilkes (Curtin University) "who have played a very significant role in all of this, but could not be nominated, as this was restricted to GA staff".

The Award was presented by Chief Executive Neil Williams at the Geoscience Australia Annual General Meeting on 12 December 2003.


In the past 12 months this Team has performed beyond expectations in a difficult client and stakeholder environment. The team have been leaders in the debate on salinity mapping, and have gained broad peer acceptance (National Salinity Mapping Review), for a multi-disciplinary system's approach to salinity and groundwater mapping and management. This broad peer acceptance was achieved despite the loss of BRS from the CRC, and the negative publicity associated with the previous marketing of the 'Ultrasound of the Earth' approach to salinity mapping.

The Team's performance has received wide praise from peer groups such as the Land Use Advisory Council and the CRC LEME Review Panel for their high calibre and innovative science outputs, achieved within budget and on time. Program 4 staff have delivered over 50 scientific reports and publications in the last 12 months, and given more than 80 technical presentations in that time. GA staff have had leading roles in 15 of the 19 projects within CRC LEME Program 4.

Of particular note has been the success of projects in the following areas:

• The Cost Effective Airborne Geophysics Project which has demonstrated the potential for order of magnitude reductions in the costs of acquisition of AEM surveys.

• Production of innovative constrained AEM inversion products for the Lower Balonne and Riverland Projects. These products have set new benchmarks for calibration standards for AEM surveys, while the overall science products for these projects have set new standards for the baseline science required to inform public and private investment in natural resource management;

• Innovative products in Upland landscapes that demonstrates the importance of regolith geoscience, within a multi-disciplinary arena, to inform on salt storage and salt export in these landscapes;

• Innovation in regolith landform and 3D regolith mapping products for natural resource management, particularly in the Lower Balonne and Bland palaeo-valley Projects, which are providing crucial new inputs into surface water-groundwater interaction models.


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