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2003 News Archive

10 September 2003

Change Of Leader For Minerals Exploration And Natural Resource Management CRC

George SavellAfter eight years as Chairman of the Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration, the highly respected Dr Ross Fardon, is calling it a day.

MR GEORGE SAVELL will take over from Ross in November 2003 and is Chair Designate as from the LEME Annual General Meeting held 5 September.

Mr Savell said it was a great honour to have the opportunity to contribute in a positive way to the work of LEME, particularly as its programs were vital to two of Australia’s great industries - Agriculture and Mining.

He said that he welcomed the inevitable challenges which the position would no doubt produce and was committed to positive outcomes.

The high probability of successful and positive outcomes from current and future programs conducted throughout Australia, and the wide community benefits this would generate were sufficient reward for the efforts being made by a very dedicated group of geoscientists with whom he was pleased to be associated.

Dr Ross Fardon, a distinguished geoscientist, was instrumental in the establishment of the Centre in 1995, and steered it through its highly successful and productive first years of research which utilised regolith geology for the benefit of mineral exploration in Australia. Again in 2001 Ross played a leading role in renewing funding for the Centre for a second research contract with the Commonwealth Government.

At this time, the nationally acclaimed research centre transitioned into the Landscape Environments and Mineral Exploration, with an expanded role and skills base capable of making a significant impact on natural resource management. This is achieved through the application of geoscience to provide solutions to some of Australia’s major and most pressing environmental problems, eg with salinity and acid sulphate soils.

George Savell is based in Perth, at the ‘core’ of the country’s mining activities. He has only recently retired as CEO of the Association of Mineral Exploration Companies and has been closely involved with a wide spectrum of mineral exploration and mining companies in Western Australia and Australia. His support of the role of geoscience in the community goes back many years. He previously spent 20 years with the Pastoralists and Graziers Association representing farmers and pastoralists, rising to the position of Executive Director. George also spent five years as the Chairman of the Kings Park Board during which time Kings Park was re-established as a community icon with a critical mass of attractions for the community. George is ideally placed to guide and support the Centre in all facets of its research.

The Board of CRC LEME comprises members from each of its eight Core Participants - Australian National University, Curtin University of Technology, Adelaide University, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO, Primary Industries and Resources SA, Dept Mineral Resources NSW, and the Minerals Council of Australia - plus independent representation from the environmental and mineral industries.

The Centre is an unincorporated joint venture, established and supported under the Commonwealth Governments Cooperative Research Centres Program. It will receive $21M from the Commonwealth over its 7 year term, matched by financial and other support from its Core Participants.

Press release from CRC LEME.

Contact Dr Dennis Gee, CEO
Tel: 08 6436 8695. Email:

Mr George Savell Tel: 08 9405 2373

10 September 2003



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