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2003 News Archive

LEME Fellows Honoured

The Centre has paid tribute to three people who have made outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of regolith sciences.

Inaugural "HONORARY FELLOW OF LEME" Awards were presented recently to:

The Awards were in the form of an embossed and engraved jarrah plaques and were presented by CRC LEME Chair, Mr George Savell, at the conclusion of the Canberra Advances in Regolith 2003 Symposium, 21 November 2003.

Tony EggletonTONY EGGLETON is now a Visiting Fellow/ Emeritus Professor in the Geology Department, Australian National University . He has spent more than thirty years teaching regolith science to undergraduates and graduates. Described by one of his PhD students as a ‘prince', his legacy lives on within LEME notably in the forms of Dr Mehrooz Aspandiar , Dr Steven Hill and Dr Ian Roach. Among many other awards Tony was invited to deliver the prestigious Clay Minerals Society "George W Brindley Lecture" in July 1999. Tony is an authority on modulated layer silicates (possibly the most complicated mineral structure) which has led to a modulated layer silicate being named after him - Eggletonite. Among many publications Tony and Graham Taylor published the textbook Regolith Geology and Geomorphology, and Tony produced the excellent and widely used manual The Regolith Glossary: surficial geology, soils and Landscapes. Tony and Graham Taylor were Co-Directors of the Centre for Australian Regolith Studies (ANU/UC) which preceded LEME 1. Tony was one of the team who successfully bid for the CRC for Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration (LEME 1) (1995-2001) and was its Synthesis Program Leader/Executive for five years.

Ross FardonROSS FARDON has only just stepped down as CRC LEME Chairman, after 8 years. He was instrumental in setting up LEME 1 (1994-5) and steered it through its highly successful and productive years of research which utilised regolith geology for the benefit of mineral exploration in Australia . Again in 2001 Ross played a leading role in renewing the Centre for its second research contract with the Commonwealth Government (LEME 2). He has continued throughout to give tremendous support and encouragement to the respective management teams. Ross undertook pioneering work on nickeliferous laterite for his PhD at Harvard, and then joined WMC. He was formerly in charge of mineral exploration for BHP and MIM Holdings and Director General of the South Australian Department of Mines and Energy. He has worked extensively in the mining exploration industry in the Americas and Asia , as well as throughout Australia . He is extremely busy in his role as Research Consultant of Fardon and Associates, where he is trying to economically extract kaolin from a giant regolith blanket in far north Queensland .

Graham TaylorGRAHAM TAYLOR has over 25 years of teaching experience (ANU, University of Hong Kong and UC). He has a passionate enthusiasm for regolith geoscience, imparting his knowledge to legions of students and contributing towards the importance of regolith and its educational uptake in Australian Universities. He currently lectures in rock weathering, regolith mapping and earth science fundamentals at UC. He developed (with Tony Eggleton ) Masters by Coursework and Sub-Thesis in Regolith Studies and undergraduate programs in Soils (ANU/UC). He is an authority on silcrete and other duricrusts, and loves an argument on "periods of weathering", landscape processes and regolith formation. As with his good friend Tony Eggleton , among many publications Graham produced the textbook Regolith Geology and Geomorphology. Graham has a decade of involvement with LEME firstly as a founder Executive Member and Leader of E&T Program in LEME 1, which was hailed at the 5th Year review as "one of the very best". He was instrumental in the successful bid for LEME 2 and was Interim E&T Program Leader.


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