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2002 News Archive

LEME Success at International Conference

Keith Scott attended the 17th World Congress of Soil Science held in Bangkok from August 14-21. This was a major conference with 2500 attendees from 98 countries. The abstract volumes were more than 15 cm thick and the Conference Proceedings are only available on CD (to save the forests!). The papers were distributed among 65 symposia, with seven papers being presented orally and up to three times that number by poster for each symposium.

Keith made a poster presentation in Symposium 25: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Regolith (chaired by Rob Fitzpatrick and Anchalee Suddhiprakarn). His poster "Behaviour of geochemical pathfinder elements during weathering and pedogenesis in SE Australia" (produced by Travis Naughton in the LEME Visual Resources Unit, Perth) won the best poster award for its session and then, out of the 65 session winners, won one of eight "Outstanding Poster Awards" for the "presentation of a poster with supreme scientific content, structure and lay-out".

The organisers were so impressed by the poster that they requested that it remain in Thailand as a permanent reference!

LEMErs, Rob Fitzpatrick, Marian Skwarnecki, Mark Raven and Richard Merry were involved in several other papers at the congress. Rob was elected chairman of the International Union of Soil Sciences Commission VII: Soil Mineralogy.

Keith Scott
Acting Program 2 Leader
15 October 2002


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