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CRC LEME-AMEC Minerals Exploration Seminar 2004 - Abstracts

Download the entire volume (PDF, 3.6MB)

Dennis Gee

LEME programs in MINEX

Ken McQueen

Girilambone synthesis

Matthias Cornelius

Regional laterite geochemistry of the central Yilgarn

David Gray / Balbir Singh

Mineral mapping from bedrock to playa sediments: examples from St Ives

Tom Cudahy

Hyperspectral regolith and alteration mineral mapping

Brad Pillans

Regolith geochronology and mineral exploration

Ken McQueen

Element fractionation and mineral hosts in the regolith

Lisa Worrall

The formation of geochemical anomalies in the Eastern Goldfields - the role of Eocene acid sulphate weathering event

Mehrooz Aspandair

Mechanisms of anomaly formation through transported regolith

Ravi Anand

Regolith mineral hosts for gold and other metals

Ryan Noble

Bacterial leaching and other techniques to identify gold under cover, NW Victoria

Alan Mauger

Mineral mapping and spectral logging of the Gawler Craton

Bear McPhail

Experimental methods in geochemistry and mobility of metals in the regolith

Patrice de Caritat

Groundwater isotopic geochemistry

Steve Rogers

Role of biota in mineral transformations and transport

Lisa Worrall

The Tunkillia experience

Jayson Myers

Sub-audio magnetic (SAM) geophysical technology for mineral exploration and subsurface regolith mapping

Anton Kepic

Torch (underground EM) project

Graham Heinson

Lighting up the regolith with electrical geophysics


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