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crc leme minerals exploration seminar

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Australian Resources Research Centre

26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington (Technology Park, Perth) WA

Program Leader: Mineral Exploration in Areas of Cover. CRC LEME, CSIRO Exploration and Mining -

LEME's role is to apply regolith science to the problems facing Australian mineral explorers. LEME researchers address the challenges of mineral exploration in areas of transported regolith, undertaking a wide range of multi-disciplinary, integrated projects looking at 3D archietecture of the regolith. The projects focus on time depending physical, chemical, biological and hydrological processes that control geochemical dispersion of minerals in the regolith.



  • Welcome/introduction and highlights - Steve Rogers, Ravi Anand
  • Integrated approach to anomaly formation and detection at Moolart Well gold deposit - Ravi Anand, Rob Hough, Cajetan Phang
  • Hydrogeochemical exploration: why do it, how do you do it - David Gray, Ryan Noble
  • Geochemical exploration through cover in north western Victoria - Ryan Noble
  • Precipitation of gold by evaporation and implications for exploration - Rob Hough
  • The composition and crystallography of gold: implications for ore genesis - Charles Butt
  • Essential landscape evolution models for uranium exploration programs under cover - Steve Hill
  • Regolith-Terrain mapping in the Tanami - Advances in landscape mapping with Shuttle Radar and Landsat data - Richard Langford
  • Seismic imaging in challenging environments - Anton Kepic
  • Global hyperspectral mapping of surface mineralogy: Fundamental information for understanding soils and geology - Tom Cudahy, Mal Jones, Matilda Thomas
  • Advances in spectral logging - Cajetan Phang
  • Regolith map and atlas of Queensland - Ian Robertson
  • An overview of CRC LEME Explorers Guides and their implications to mineral exploration - Lisa Worrall, Ken McQueen, Steve Hill, John Keeling, Adrian Fabris, Ravi Anand
  • Yilgarn Explorers Guide - Ravi Anand

Enquiries: Sue Game (08) 6436 8695 ( )

Details of previous Seminars (2003-2007) and (pdf) Abstract Volumes available to download


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